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A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

A bird in the hand is worth ten fleeing

A car on the road is worth two in the ditch

A cheerful chap may live long and still die young

A choice plant may grow in a cracked pot

A contented mind is a continual feast

A cracks maun be trew,d

A creaking gate hangs a long time

A crookit stick has a crookit shadow

A dowg winna howl
If ye fell him wi a bone

A drop of good stuff
And a snug social party
To spend a dull evening
Gay social and hearty

Adventures are to the adventurous
A fellow feeling makes us wondrous Kind
But I wonder if the poet would change his mind
If in a crowd one day he were to find
A fellow feeling in his coat behind

A fool or so from any quarter,
May lead a horse or so to water,
But 20 men can't make him drink

A full purse never lacks friends

A gentle reminder

A good cause makes a strong arm

A good heart's worth gold (Shakespeare)

A good home is better than riches

A good laugh is sunshine in the house

A good name is better than riches

A good name keeps its lustre in the dark

A greedy e'e ne'er got a guid pennyworth

A guid tale can be twice tauld

A hair on the head is worth two on the brush

A hair on the head is worth two on the chin

A hedge between friends keeps friendship green

A hungry manís an angry man

Aisy on the jam

A kindness is never lost

A kindness today is worth six in the future

A little explained, a little endured,

A little forgiven and the quarrel is cured

A magpie can talk for a terrible span
An soa, an all, can a Yorkshireman

A man made up in himself makes a small parcel

A man may travel thro' the world
And sow it thick with friendship

A man that canít make a mistake canít make anything

A many a word at random spoken,
Can wound or heal a heart thatís broken

A match for any man

A merry heart goes a long way

A merry heart goes all the day

A millstone and the human heart are driven ever round,
they have nothing else to grind they must themselves be ground.

A necessity of life ( on a salt pot )

Anytime means no time
A passage perilous maketh a port pleasant

A pipe lets take,
For old times sake

A pla(i)ce for ashes

A place for Hat Pins

A place for everything and everything in itís place

A pound of pluck is worth a load of luck

A reekie house and a guirnin wife,
Will lead a man a fashious life

A rich mans companion
A poor mans friend (Tobacco Jar)

A rolling stone gathers no moss

A safe conscience makes a sound sleep

A saucepan though I be
The fires not meant for me
And as I'm no use as I am
Come fill me up with jam

A smile for every day
Makes sunshine all the year

A son is a son 'til he takes him a wife
But a daughter's a daughter all of her life

A still tongue makes a wise head

A stitch in time saves nine

A thing has an end and a pudding has twa

A thing of beauty is a joy forever

A turn well done is soon done

A wet sheet, a flowing sail,
And a mind thatís blowing free

A winner never shirks and a shirker never wins

A womanís face may be a chemistís fortune

A Woman is only a Woman
But a good Cigar is a smoke

A word frae yeís neist tae a word wiíye

Actions speak louder than words
Tis deeds alone will win the prize

All things must yield to Industry and Time,
None cease to rise but those who cease to climb

Always help a lame dog over a stile
Any time means no time
April showers Bring forth flowers
As a tree falls so shall it lie,
As a man lives so shall he die

As I was going to St Ives,
I met a man with seven wives,
Each wife had seven sacks,
Each sack had seven cats,
Each cat had seven kits,
Kits, cats sacks and wives,
How many were going to St Ives ?

As Pan bro't music form his vocal reed
Let us seek concord in the fragrant weed

As weeíl sune as syneí

Ave another go if ee don't do it furst time
Awen dysg Goell awen?

A fellow feeling makes us wondrous kind,
But I wonder if the Poet would change his mind, If in a crowd one day he were to find,
A fellow feeling in his coat behind.
A pound of pluck is worth a ton of luck
A Present from Torquay. Straight from the Cow
Actions speak louder than words
All that glitters is not gold
All thatís mirthful glad and gay Make for you a happy Xmas day
All the best poets visited The Lake District. So did I. In Coronation Year. 1937
At a great pennyworth pause a while
At all times and everywhere he gave his strength to the weak his substance to the poor his sympathy to the suffering his heart to God.

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Barking dogs do not bite

Bathes Original Devonshire Violets

Be a little deaf and blind
Happiness youíll always find

Be aisy with the craim

Be aisy with the  jam

Be aisy with tha pepper

Be aisy with tha sugar

Be aizy wi tha butter

Be always as merry as you can,
For few will delight in a sorrowful man

Be canny with the butter itís not so cheap

Be canny with the honey

Be canny wi the salt

Be canny with the sugar

Be careful with fire
Is good advice we know
But be careful with words
Is ten times doubly so

Be easy with the cheese Eat well of the bread

Be happy while your living,
For youíre a long time dead

Be just and fear not
Heaven helps those who help themselves

Be kynde always to those of low estate
And try ye Man of Ross to imitate

Be like a sundial, count only the sunny hours

Be not weary in well doing
Be mine this message glad to bear Be yours the seasonís joys to share

Be slow to promise
But quick to perform

Be strong, Be good, Be pure,
The right only shall endure

Be the day weary or be the day long,
At last it ringeth to evensong

Be your own most useful friend
Cease on others to depend

Bearded or shaven,
Wit comes from heaven

Believe not all you hear
And tell not all you believe

Beneath the sunlit sky
Dewy shamrocks sparkling lie
Strewn along the pathway bright
Gladdened by created light

Better be out of the world than out of fashion

Better be thrang ner dewin nowt

Better do one thing
Than dream all things

Better to have bad luck than no luck

Better to sit still than to rise to fall

Better to smoke here than hereafter

Better wait on the cook than the doctor

Better wear shoon than sheets

Better work wisely than work hard

Blessed are the drowsy
For they shall soon drop off

Blot out my faults
But not my memory

Blot out my past
But not my memory

Bon Jour !

Bread - Cut and come again

Break me not or you'll rue your loss?
I come from the House of the Man of Ross

Brevity is the soul of wit (Shakespeare)

Bryght be the stars on the eve of St.John.  Luckie the babe that is born there-on

Britannia mourns her heroes now at rest,
Each of them doing their Countryís work ( Boer war )

Bustle is not industry

Busy curious thirsty fly Drink with me and drink as I

Bwythyn Cymreig

By and by is the path that leads to never

By my shape you can see Iím a dustpan,
Donít use me for such if you please,
Butter perhaps maybe more in my line,
And Iím sure Iím quite suited for cheese

By timely resistance
The greatest evils may be overcome

Be canny with the cream
Be sure you have the water hot
When you use this shaving pot
Be to others kind and true As youíd have others be to you

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Careful with fire is good advice we know
Careful with words is doubly so

Careful with fire is good advice we know
careful with words is ten times doubly so

Ca'yer ain girr ne'er heed yer neebors

Chosen leaf,
of Bard and chief,
Old Erinís native shamrock

Cider doth stir up the mind
And awakes a desire to eat

Come an' zee us in the zummer

Come fill me full with liquors sweet,
For that is good when friends do meet,
But pray take care donít let me fall,
Lest you lose your liquor, jug and all

Come fill the cup that clears
Today of past regrets and future fears

Come my old friends and take a pot,
But mark now what I say,
When thou drinkest thy neighbourís health,
Drink not thine own away  1822 or 1778

Come what come may
Time and the hour runs through the roughest day

Comfort is better than pride

Conduct hath the loudest tongue

Contented wi little an cantie wi mair
Contentment is a constant feast

Contrivance is better than force

Cornish pasty puzzle
Find the meat

Crochan Cymreig

Cymru am Byth

Cultivate only good habits

Cum me artiez Ďelp yerzels

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Dae as the lassies due
Say no an' tak' it

Daunee be fraid oí it now
Dauníee try to rin the Wrekin before you kin walk
Daunt ee val till youím pushed
Dawníee cackle zo but take and do it
Dawntee be fraid aut now thereís plenty more

Dawnt'ee be found out now

Dawnt'ee burden todayís strength,
with tomorrows clouds

Dawnt'ee forget dear old Devon

Dawntíee laive a stone in the road,
Vur zumbody else to val over'n

Dauntee keep talking bout it But duee tak an write

Dawnt'ee  lit yer eyes be
The master of your body

Dawntíee light yer cannel at both ends

Dawnt'ee trouble trouble
Till trouble troubles you

Dawntíee try to rin bevore yu kin walk

Dawntíee urry, dawnt'ee vlurry,
Nothing gude is got by worry

Dawnt'ee use me tu fry yer am
Nor veesh nor no sich jakes
But vill me up wi Butter or Jam
Vur tu spraid upon yer kakes

Dawnt'ee vall bevore yum pushed

Deal sma' an serve a'

Defer not till tomorrow to be wise
Tomorrow's sun to thee may never rise

Demsher craim - Tak en try et

Deuparth rhodd yw ewyllys,
(A will is a twice given gift)

Dig Deep

Dip up the ring & thou'lt be wed
Dip up the coin and thou'lt be rich instead

Dinna be aye ettlin,
Be juist write at aince

Dinna coont yer (eggs) afore they hatch

Dinna go away
Stay another day

Dinna lie in your bed an
Lippen tae yer neebor

Dinna scrimp the craim

Dinna skimp the jam

Do as the maidens do, say no and take it
Duíee Ďave zum jam

Do ee ave zum

Duíee take and write

Doíee take and write
Dauníee keep talking about it

Dinna tak two bites oí a cherry

Do noble things, Not dream them all day long

Do not burden todayís strength with tomorrows loads

Do not cross the bridge until yer cum tu it

Do not delay but write while I stay

Do not despise your condition in life
For therein you must suffer & conquer

Do not go As(h)tray

Do not hurry, Do not flurry,
Nothing good is got by worry

Do not make ropes of sand

Do not put me on the fire
And leave me in the lurch
Use me for butter or jam
And a present from Christchurch

Do not save a feather and loose a goose

Do not stain todayís blue sky with tomorrows clouds

Do noble deeds not dream them all day long

Do not yield to misfortune

Do take and write

Do the work thatís nearest,
Though itís dull at whiles,
Helping, when you meet them,
Lame dogs over stiles

Do what you can, being what you are,
Shiine like a glow-worm if you canít be a star

Donít be a crank,
Be a self starter

Donít be afraid elp yerzel

Donít cry over spilt milk,
Thereís water in it already

Donít drop it on the carpet

Don't 'ee be down hearted like

Dont Ďee scat the cloam mídear

Don't forget the dear ones far far away

Don't get discouraged
It is often the last key in the bunch
That opens the lock

Donít give your husband too much rope,
He might skip

Donít grouse, work like Helen B. Merry

Don't let your modesty wrong you

Donít light your candle at both ends

Donít look at your hill, climb it

Don't look for flaws as you go thru life
And even if you find them
It is wise & kind to be somewhat blind
And look for the virtues behind them

Don't put a good cargo
In a poor ship

Donít shiver for last years snow

Donít spill the tea

Don't wear your wishbone
Where your backbone should be

Donít worry and get wrinkles,
Smile and get dimples

Donít worry it may never happen

Doun't waste thar Tay

Drink fra this jug and enjoy it nah dear
When a good Yorkshire relish you'll feel

Drink like a fish - water only

Drink little that you may drink long

Drink pretty creature drink

Drink puppy, drink

Drink ye old 'Heatherdale' Malt Whisky
Ye finest made in Scotland

Drive dull care up with the smoke

Drown your sorrows in a cup of tea

Duee ave a cup a Tay

Due come in aní ave zum tay help yourself to sugar

Du ee have a dish of coffee

Du'ee elp yersel tu more

Du'ee mak yerzel at 'ome

Du'ee think tis yer dooty?
Then du et

Duíee Ave A Ďdrap ďOĒ Zyder

Du zummat, du gude ef yu kan, but du zummat

Dim melus fel siwgr
Dinna litch yer canel at baith ainds
Do not stand immediately behind the player

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E cant make a silk purse from a sow's ear

E canít ave yer cake aní eat it tu

Early sow Early mow

Early to bed, early to rise,
Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise

Earth I am, et es most tru,
Despise me not, for so be you

Elh yerzel tu craon Duíee drink a cup a tay Tak a cup oí kindness Tak a cup oíkindness

Elp yerzel but be aisy

Elp yerzel tu butter

Elp yerzel tu musturd

Elp yerzel tu pepper

Elp yerzel tu salt

Elp yerzel to sugar

Empty vessels make the most sound

Enough is as good as a feast

Envy is a kind of praise

Er mwyn yr hen amser gynt
(For old times sake)

Ere he was wed
His heart was light
And he would sing from morn to night
But since his blessed babe was born
He's got to sing from night to morn

Errors like straw upon the surface flow,
He who would seek foe pearls must dive below

Esmwyth hun potes maip
(Tranquil sleep Turnip pottage or it is better to be
content with little than to live on ill-gotten gains)

Every blade of grass has itís own drop of dew

Every creature was deemed to suit each others mutual needs

Every door has its own keyhole

Every pea helps to fill a peck

Every why has a wherefore

Everything has a bright side

Except the kettle boiling B
Filling the Tpot spoils the T

E pai kia kitea a koe kp nga rururaru o tenei as he hunga noa iho
East West Homeís Best
Elp yourself to more

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Fair be all the hopes and prosperous be thy life in peace of war

Fair is he that comes
But fairer he that brings

Fairest gems lie deepest Speak little speak well Aisy on the jam

Faithful friends are hard to find

Fellow feeling makes us wonderous kind,
But I wonder if the poet would change his mind,
If in a crowd one day he were to find,
A fellow feeling in his coat behind

Few words are best

1581 Master Huggett and his man John
They did cast the first cannon

Fill the bumper fair
Every drop we sprinkle
O'er the brew of care
Smoothes away a wrinkle

First deserve then desire

For aí that aí that,
Itís coming yet, for aí that,
Than man to man the world o'er,
Shall brothers be for aí that

For Auld Lang Syne

For every evil under the sun,
There is a remedy, or there is none,
If there be one, try and find it,
If there be none, never mind it

For heather bells and wild bee rovers,
Aí natures creatures hae their loves

For my dolly

Fortune docks at every door

Fra Eethla mak thisen at hooam

Frae tha friends and land Iílove Due eave a cup a tay

Fra Ilkla

Frain would I climb
But that I fear to fall If thou dost fear to fall
Twere better not to climb at all

Fresh from the farm

Fresh from the cow

Fresh fra tí cah

Fresh today

ďfriend pixieĒ

Fretting ammends no broken dishes,
Brings us none of all our wishes

From a friend to a friend

From Mother Earth I claim my birth,
Iím made a joke for man,
But now Iím here filled with good cheer,
Come taste me if you can

From rocks and sands and barren lands,
Good fortune set me free,
And from great guns and womenís tongues,
Good Lord deliver me

From Waterford, Arragh, be aisy wid ye

Full many a shaft at ramdom sent,
Find mark the archer never meant,
A many a word at random spoken,
Can wound or heal a heart thatís broken

For oh tis the men of Devon,
To see them I take delight,
To haul and to pull, to heave and to pull,
And to prove themselves in fight

Freely drink and quench thy thirst,
Here drank the Pilgrim Fathers first

Fresh from the dairy

Fairest gems lie deepest

Few words are best
Fra Eethla Contented wi little aní canty wi mair
Fra Eethla We aye prood tae hear frae ye Contented wi little an canty wi mair Ilka blade oí grass keps its ain drap oí dew
Fresh from the nest

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Gather ye roses while ye may,
Old Time is still a-flying

Gather ye rosebuds while you may
The world is what you make it

Get ho(l)d of all tha can
An stick ti that tha's got

Gi a little, tak a little,
When thereís nocht - tak a`

Giff gaff maks guid friens

Give and speed and God will send

Give every man thy ear but few thy voice

Give every man thy eat but few thy tongue ( ? )

Give me a mind that is not bored,
That does whimper, whine or sigh,
Donít let me worry over much,
About that little thing called I,
Give me a sense of humor Lord,
Give me the grace to see a joke,
To get some happiness from life,
And pass it on to other folk

Give yur tongue more 'olidays than yur 'ead

Go East. Go West
Homes Best

God bless you Tommy Atkins,
Hereís your countryís love to you,
South Africa 1899 1900

God hath often a great share in a little home

Gods ways seem dark ! But soon or late,
They touch the shinning hills of day

Gold and goods
May be lost,
A good name,
Endures for ever

Good fortune lead you
Ever pleasant ways

Good liquors make us funny.
If you are dry,
Step in and try the flavour of our Honey

Good luck go with you day by day

Good Morning
Good Morning Princetown help yourself to sugar

Good morning Dad

Good night and joy be with you

Good wishes speed you on your way

Good courage breaks ill luck

Good examples are best sermons

Goodnight and God bless you

Goren awen, awen dysg

Goren orf, arf dying

Great haste makes great waste

Gsna bydd gryf bydd grfywys?

Guard well thy thoughts
Our thoughts are heard in heaven

Gude things be scarce,
Take care of me

Guid folks are scarse Tak care oíme

Guid will neer want true tae show itself

Gwell angan na chy wilydd,
(Better sorrow than shame)

Gwell angau na chy wilydd
(Better death than shame)

Gwell angau na chyuildo

Gwell Dysg na Golud

Give and spend and god will send
Go aisy wiíit now

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Half the worldís mischief, folly and woe,
Comes from a "Yes" that ought to be "No"

Hand roon thí milk

Handy Spandy

Hang hunger and droon drouth

Happiness is the natural flower of duty
Happy be thy dreams

Has anybody seen my Cat?

Hasty climbers have sudden falls

Have another cup full

Have some butter m'dear

Haste trips up itís own heels

Have the courage, boys, to do the right,
Be bold, be brave, be strong,
By doing right you gain the might,
To overcome the wrong

Have not your cloak to make,
When it begins to rain
He may do what he will,
That will do what he can

Health is man's greatest blessing

He does much who does a little well

He is handsome that handsome doth

He is well paid that is well satisfied

He may do what he will
That will do what he can

He that buys land buys many stones
He that buys flesh buys many bones,
He that buys eggs buys many shells
He that buys ale buy nothing else

He that by the plough would thrive,
Himself must either holde or dive

He that flings dirt at another
Soils himself the most

He may lie boldly
Who comes from afar

He never fails who does his best
He who gives fair words
Feeds you with an empty spoon

He she
It (the moon)
He and she
One soon     (from the Mikado)

He soars not high
Who fears to fall

He that must thrive,
Must rise at five

He that hath thriven May lie till seven

He that riseth late must trot all day

He who does not smoke
Hath either known no great grief or
Refuseth the softest consolation
Next to that which comes from Heaven

He who gave thee this ring of gold
Tis he who shall cherish when thee art old

He who gives his heart
Will not deny his money

He who gave thee this ring of gold,
Tis he who shall cherish when thou art old

He who hesitates is lost

He who waits wins

Health is Happiness

Hear all, see all, say nothing

Heaven send thee many merry days

Help yersel an dinna be blate,
Parritch makes the man

Help yourself, nobodyís looking

Help yourself to cream

Help yersel tae Cream

Help yourself to jam

Help yourself to milk

Help yersel tae sugar

Help yourself to the Junket

Help yourself to Marmalade

Help yourself, Donít be shy

Here Gentlemen come try your skill
I'll hold a wager if you will
That you don't drink this liquor all
Without you spill or let some fall

Here's a health to all those I love
Here's a health to all those that love me
Here's a health to all those that love those that I love
And to those that love those that love me

Heres a mug from a mug for a mug

Hereís tae mysel, as bad's ye are,
Hereís tae ye a' for as gude's ye are,
For as badís I am, an as gude's ye are,
Iím as gude ye are, for as badís I am

Hereís to beefsteak when youíre hungry
Beer when youíre dry,
Fivers when youíre hard up,
Heaven when you die

Heres to Cornish splits
Jam & Cream

Here's to me, and my wife's husband
Not forgetting myself

Hickory Dickory Dock

His girns waur than's bite

Hold me tight and donít be clumsy,
Or youíll break this mug from Romsey

Home made preserves

Home the spot on earth supremely blest

Honour and shame from no conditions rise,
Act well your part, there all the honour lies

Hope for the best, look for the best,
The worst will never appear,
Pray for the best then leave the rest,
God always answers a prayer

Hope on hope ever

Hope well and have well

Hot and strong

How to drink and not to spill will try the utmost of your skill

Hufen Tew
Double cream

Have a cup of coffee mídear
Heís richest that do want the least (Barnes)
Help yourself to salt

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I always have a drink at eleven,
Itís a duty that has to be done,
If I canít have one at eleven,
I have eleven at one

I cum from Tarkay
Where do yu cum from?

I have several good reasons for drinking
And one has just entered my head
If a man cannot drink while he's living
How the hell can he drink when he's dead

I improve everything

I kum vrum Exmuth
Where do you kum vrum

I like zyder Zyder likes me Iíll drink Zyder as long as I can

I luve zyder
Zyder likes me
I'll drink zyder
As long as I can zee

I slept and dreamt that life was beauty
I woke and found that life was duty

I was not made for you to fry your bacon fish or ham,
Use me for whichever you please Butter cheese or jam

I watched the potter thumping his wet clay,
And with its all obliterated tongue it murmured,
Gently brother, Gently pray

I wish you all the joy that you may wish
Good wishes speed you on your way
Good luck go with you day by day

If at first you don't succeed try again

If each man in his measure,
Would do a brothers part,
To cast a ray of sunlight,
Into a brotherís heart,
How changed would be our country,
How changed would be our poor,
And then might Merry England,
Deserve her name once more

If good cheer be lacking
Our friends will be packing

If I were you my friend
I'd bring my drinking to an end

If in a crowd one day he were to find
A fellow feeling in his coat behind
A fellow feeling makes us wondrous kind
But I wonder if the Poet would change his mind

If it be so
So it is you know
And if it be so
So be it

If life an empty bubble be,
How sad for those who cannot see,
A rainbow in the bubble

If water rots your boots,
What the hell does it do to your stomach

If we cannot have what we want
We must learn to like what we have

If you canít be aisy, be as aisy as you can

If you canít climb - fly

If you canít lift the stone,
Perhaps you can roll it

If yu want a cup a Tay ďyer tizĒ

If yu want zum butter Ďyer tiz

If you wish smiles and nothing more
Don't drop ashes on the floor

If youíre down in the mouth, think of Jonah,
He came up alright

If you're in a hurry
Take your time

If youíre not a beauty,
Be happy that youíre plain,
Be a wheel greaser,
If you canít drive a train

If youíre lips would keep from slips,
Five things observe with care,
Of whom you speak,
To whom you speak,
And how and when and where

If youíve got the pip, donít squeak

If you've got to do something
For nothing do it yourself

Ilka dog has his day

Ill blows the wind that profits nobody

Iíll be merry and free be sae for naebody

I'll help console you

Iíll hold a wager that you donít drink liquar all Without you donít spill or let some fall

Iíll take care of the pins ( Good Morning )

Iíll take the dregs

I'm not greedy but I like a lot

I'm the latest thing out, Where's Mother?

I'm useful so use me

Improve time in time while time lasts,
For all time is no time when time is past

Improvement is gained by practice

Influence is jolly useful until youíve used it

In sweet music is such art,
Killing care and grief of heart

In the name of God the Compassionate, the merciful
May I seek a refuge with the Lord of man
From the malice of the lurking whisperer
From the genii and mankind

In trouble to be troubled
Is to have your trouble doubled

Is tha Tay tu yer liken ďEes fayĒ

Isnít your life extremely flat,
With nothing whatever to grumble at

It takes two to quarrel and three to make it interesting

Itís a comely fashion to be glad,
Joy is the grace we say to God

Its a good girl
That never grumbles

Its a good horse that never stumbles
And a good man that never grumbles

Its an ill wind that nobody any good

Its better to wear out than rise to fall

Itís better to wear out than rust out

Its never tool late to mend

Its no lost what a freen gets
Itís the cock that does the Crowing
But itís the Hen that delivers the goods

Its turned out nice again, George

I will not willingly offend
Nor be soon offended
Whatís amiss Iíll strive to mend
And bear what canít be mended
If you your object fain would reach,
You must believe in what you teach,
And always practise what you preach
Ilka blade oí grass keps its ain drap aí dew

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Jack and Jill went up the hill

Jist a wee drappie tea

Jist send a line tu letís know ow,
Yu'um gwaine on

Joan sez set your sail to catch the wind

Joan the Wad sez
If you can't get what you want
Get married

Joan the Wad sez
Don't eat idle Bread

Jog on, jog on, the foot path way
And merrily treat the stile hey
Your merry heart goes all the day
Your sad times in a mile hey

Joy of temperance and repose
Slam the door on the doctors nose

Junket is the dish of Devon,
A better dish is hard to find,
This is everyoneís opinion,
Excepting those whoíre out of mind

J W Humphrey & Son
Clean Low Bacteria Milk
Natures Best Food
At its Best

Joan the Wad sez Donít put a good cargo in a poor ship

Judge not a ship as she lies on the stocks

Just a teeny drap a Tay
Just Laid
Just start the day with a cup of Tay
Twill make your heart the lighter
Donít seek for care that is not there
And the world will all seem brighter

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Keep yor face to the sunshine,
And the shadows will fall behind

Keep your breath to cool the porridge

Kind words are worth much and cost little

Kind hearts are more than coronets

Kind words are the music of the world

Kind words never die

Kindness is a green hill by the side of a dusty road

Kiss and be kind the Fiddler is blind

Knowledge is the treasure of the mind

Kys ta shin (Time enough - Manx)

Ka Pai
Keep me on the dressing table

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Ladies all I pray make free,
And tell me how you like your tea

Laid to-day

Laith to bed, laith oot o't

Lang may yer lum reek

Lassies like glasses are gie brittle?

Last in Bed blows out the light

Laughter is like sunshine in the house
Lest we forget

Letís to bed, said sleepy head

Let the world slide, Let the world go, A fig for care and a fig for woe

Let those smoke now
Whi never smoked before
And those who always smoke
Now smoke no more

Let us be up and doing,
With a heart for any fate,
Still achieving, still persuing,
Learn to labour and to wait

Let whig & tory a' agree

Let's scatter flowers instead of thorns
The world is what we make it

Life has many shadows but tis the sunshine makes them

Life has no pleasure
Nobler than friendship

Life is a book of which
We have but one edition

Life is a gamble, win or lose,
So whatís the good of getting the blues

Life is an echo, it all comes back,
The good, the false, the true,
So give from your heart the best you can,
And the best wii return to you

Life is a struggle not a race,
A wise man keeps an even pace

Life is made of time, Donít waste it

Life is mostly froth and bubble,
Two things stand as stone,
Kindness in anotherís trouble,
Courage in your own

Life has many shadows but tis the sun that maketh them

Life were not worth the living,
If no-one were the better,
For having met you on the way,
And know the sunshine of your stay

Little Boy Blue Come blow your horn

Little duties still put off,
Will end in never done,
Bye-and-bye is soon enough,
Has ruined many a one

Little Girl
Box of paints
Licked her brush
Joined the Saints

Little Miss Muffet sat on a Tuffett
Little ships must keep the shore larger vessels venture more

Lives of great men all remind us,
We can make our lives sublime,
And departing leave behind us,
Footprints in the sand of time

Llaeth Y Fuwch
(The cows milk)

Long may you live Happy may you be Blessed with content & from misfortune free
Look before you leap

Look to the future never mind the past

Look up not down
Look in not out
Look forward not back
Lend a hand 1682?

Lost time is never found

Love all, Trust a few
Do wrong to none

Love all
Trust but few
And always paddle
Your own canoe

Love me little love me long

Love me love my dog

Love truth
Pardon errors

Love your enemies, trust but few,
And always paddle your own canoe

Luckie the babe that is born there-on

Lucky people have their days,
And those they choose,
Unlucky people have their hours,
And those they loose

Lucky pixie

Little bodies have great souls
Lord give me skill to play a round,
So good that I,
When telling of my brilliant play,
May never need to lie

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Make hay while the sun shines

Make new friends, But keep the old,
The first is silver, The second gold

Make the best of a bad bargain

Make use of me

Man wants but little here below
And isn't hard to please
But woman bless her little heart
Wants everything she sees

Manís inhumanity to man makes countless thousands mourn

Many a ( batchelor ) ship has been wrecked

Many are called but few get up

Many a man sends his wife away for a rest Because he needs it

Many a sorrow we forget,
Through pipe, cigar or cigarette

Many a true word is spoken in jest

Many friends few helpers

Many hands make light work

Many kiss the hand they want to see cut off

Mary Mary quite contrary

Masters two will never do

May a' thats guid attend ye

May all the hours be winged with joy

May all your days be filled with joy

May all your troubles be little ones

May blessings be showered upon the man
Who first devised this drink
That happens along at 5 AM
With a rapturous Clinkety clink

May the hinges of friendship never grow rusty

May the hunger of friendship never grow rusty
( This may have been a mistake at the pottery perhaps )

May the open hand be filled the fullest

May the skill of your hands build a bridge over time

May the wing of friendship never moult a feather

May they ever be united,
Our hearts, our hopes,
Our prayers, our tears,
Our faith triumphant oíer our fears,
Are all with thee

May we be kind
But not in words alone

May your joys be as deep as the ocean,
Your troubles as light as itís foam

May you find that all lifeís troubles after all are only bubbles

May you live long enough
For your elbow to grow sharp enough
To shave your chin

May you never find a mouse in your cupboard,
With tears in itís eyes

May your pleasures be many
Your troubles but few
May you find that all your troubles
After all are only bubbles

May you always be lucky and have a close shave

May you live as long as you want
And never want as long as you live

Men make houses, women make homes

Men think they Know but women Know better

Men were made of clay for women to make mugs of

Mind the carpet
Don't drop it on the carpet

Modesty only wrongs those that have none

Moments are useless
Trifled away
So work while you work
And play while you play

Most of our troubles may be
Traced to our own faults

More haste less speed

Mor o can yw Cymru I gyd

Muffin's Muffins

My fairest child I have no song to give you,
No lark could pipe to skies as dull and grey,
Yet ere we part, one lesson I can leave you,
For every day, Be good sweet maid and let who will be clever
Do noble things, not dream them all day long,
And so make life, death and that vast forever,
One grand sweet song

Monies a mickle macks a muckle, de ye ken

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Nae cows, nae care

Nae man can tether tide or time

Nature impartial in her ends
When she made men the stronger
In justice then to make amends
Made women's tongues the longer

Neer cast a cloot till May be oot

Ne'er seek a wife till you ken
What to do wi her

Never let your chances
Like the sunbeams pass you by

Never prove false to a friend

Never put off till tomorrow
What can be done today

Never quit certainty for hope

Never say die, up man and try

Night brings out stars as sorrow shows us truths

Nimble thoughts can jump both sea & land

Niver zay die, up man and try

No life can be dreary when works a delight

Noo is the day and noo is the hour

No path of flowers leads to glory

No path of roses leads to glory

No place delights the tourist race
Like Oban in the Highlands
For Oban is a dainty place
In distant or in nigh lands
No place on earth zo plazes me as this wan by the way

No place on earth so pleases me,
As dear old Torquay by the sea

No road is long with good company

No star is ever lost we once have seen
We always may be what we might have been

No tongue can tell, no heart can think
What joy it is to have a drink

None are so good as they should be

None of your Blarney

None so nice as Sally

Nort but taters

North, South, East, West,
Bill Moleís is the best,
( Mug made for Old Commercial Inn  Bishopsteignton )

Nothing good is got by worry

Nothing ventured nothing gained

Never put off for tomorrow a Laugh you can laugh today

Never weary in welldoing

New Laid

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O a little, tak a little
When there's nocht tak a

O Biddiford is ye porte my boy,
Of ye maryners bold and trewe,
With a heve O ho, have a hoy,
When tis westward of for ye crewe

O for the herrings and the good brown beef,
And the cider and the cream so white,
For they are the making of the jolly Devon lads,
To play and eke to fight

Of the two evils choose the least

O geiniog I geiniog,
Ar arian yn bunt,
Penny to penny makes a pound

O list to me ladies fair,
And when ye wish to curl your hair,
For the safety of this domicile,
Pray place this lamp upon this tile

Oh I love dear old Devon
For the grand hearts we recall
For the good men God has given
Oh I love it best of all

Oh I say ain't it hot

Oh its Tommy this and Tommy that an' Tommy go away?
But its Thank you Mister Atkins when the band begins to play
Oh its Tommy this and Tommy that or Chuck him out the brute
But its Saviour of our country when the guns begin to shoot
Then its Tommy this and Tommy that & Tommy hows your soul
But its the Thin red line of 'eroes when the drums begin to roll

Oh the days seem limp and long when all goes right and nothing wrong

Old love does not rust

On souvent bisoin d'un plus petite que soi
(You always need someone smaller than yourself)

One good friend is worth many relations

One today is worth two tomorrows

One touch of nature, makes the whole world kin?

Oni heuir ni fedir,
If you donít sow you will not reap

Only the memory of the just,
Smells sweet and blossoms in the dust

Only the actions of the just,
Smell sweet, And blossoms in the dust, 1778

O're the green and balmy meadow,
Where the milky kine repose

Ower reckless may repent

Our heads cool,
Our feet warm,
And a drop of good liquor,
To do us no harm

Out of debt out of danger
Ower mony cooks spoil the broth

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Pass the jam

Patience is bitter but its fruits are sweet

Penny wise pound foolish

Pessimism never paid a dividend

Pigs may whistle but
They ha ill mow for it?

Piping Pebworth.Dancing Marsdon.Haunting Hillboro.Hungry Grafton.Dodging Exhall.Papish Wixford.Beggarly Broom.Drunken Bidefoed - Shakespere

Pips may whistle but they ha' an ill mow prov't?

Pixie fine and pixie gay
Pixie now will run away

Pleasant dreams - A light in the dark

Promise little and do much

Pull gently on a weak rope

Put a stout heart to a steep hill

Put your shoulder to the wheel

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Rax oot tae the sugar

Read   see   that   me   but   not   my   got
down   will    I       love   if     me   love   for
and     you   love   you   that love  for    be
up      and   you    if      you  should you  must

Remembered joys are never past

Remember the kindness of others, forget your own

Ride a cock horse to Banbury

Ride over all obstacles and win the race

Right wrongs no one

Rosey Posey at five takes Tea,
Dolls and kittens invited free

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Sandy love the Thistle,
John Bull loves the Rose,
Bur Paddy loves the land,
Where the shamrock grows

Save and spend and God will send

Save while you have
And give while you live

Save yourself pains
By taking pains

Say a kind word when you can

Say little but think much

Say not always what you know
But always know what you say

Say well is good but do wells is better
Scatter with one hand gather with two

See a pin & pick it up
All the day you'll have good luck

Send us a line
Uz baint dade

See a pin and let it lay, Bad luck yours all the day

See ! In Victorias Glorious reign,
How England does itís best attain,
Because thro` Sixty years sheís been,
Our Great, Our Good, our Gracious
1837                Queen               1897

Send them victorious, Happy and glorious,
Long to reign over us, God save them both

Shallow brooks are noisy
Shut mouth never catch fly
Silence is a friend that will never betray
Sow an Act, reap a Habit, reap a Character,
Sow a Character, reap a Destiny
Shut mouth never catch fly

Sloth is the parent of want

Small herbs have grace, ill weeds grow apace

Snore and you sleep alone

So you jolly dogs now
Heres God speed the plow
Long life and content to the farmer

Soft words are hard arguments

Soft words win hard hearts

Some are wise some are otherwise

Some hae meat that canna eat,
an some would eat that want it,
But we hae meat an we can eat,
sae let the Lord be thankit
( Thereís mair in the kitchen )

Some like apples, Some like inions,
So many men, So many pinions

Some pay their dues when they are due
Some when overdue
Some never do, do you

Some sing the praises of Camembert.
And others of Fromage de Brie.
But neither compare with a Welsh rare.
For thatís the cheese for me.

Souvenir from the oldest chymist shoppe in England,
Knaresborough, Yorkshire, Est 1720

Sow a character, reap a destiny

Speak less than thou knowest

Speak little
Speak well

Speak when you are spoken to
Come when I call
Close the door after you
That will be all

Spill salt spill sorrow
Spit on your roof and hand fast

Stay still in the hand of the potter,
Lie low neath his wonderful touch,
He shapeth and mouldeth in mercy,
The clay that he loveth so much,
Surrender thyself to his working,
The curve and the hollow he wills,
Nor shrink from the pain and the pressure,
For the vessel he fashions he fills

Still waters run deep

Stracht frae the coo

Stracht frae the hen

Straight is the line of duty,
Curved is the line of beauty,
Follow the one and you will see,
The other ever following thee

Strength for today is all that we need,
For there will never be a tomorrow,
Tomorrow is but another today,
With its own measure of joy and sorrow

Strike me and Iíll light

Strive to learn from all things

Striving to better oft we mar what's well ( Shakespear)

Success comes not by wishing,
But by hard work bravely done

Sweep before your own door first

Sweet as honey

Sweeten to your liking

Simple Simon met a Pieman
Straight from the nest
Sunshine makes shadows
Such glens and rocks as all agree Is nowehere else but Chudleigh
Sympathy without relief is like mustard without beef

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Tain't what we do
But how we do it
That makes this life
Worth goin' through it

Tak yer wull o't

Take another cup full

Take a cup itís good

Take a cup of tea

Take a cup of tea itís very refreshing

Tak an ave a drink out o' me

Tak zum craim

Take a little cream

Take a little butter

Take a little drink

Take a little jam

Take a little junket

Take a little milk

Take a little mustard

Take a little sugar

Take a little toast

Take fortune as you find her
And if she frowns don't you?
For a smile will oft recall her
And make her kind & true

Take thy calling thankfully,
Love thy neighbour neighbourly,
Shun the path to beggary

Take um as they cum

Talk little hear much learn more

Tea seldom spoils when water boils

Teddy Bears Picnic

Tell no tales out of school

Temps pommele, fille fardee,
Ne sont pas de longue duree,
Time dappled cloudy weather,
Painted girl, They are not of long duration

Thank goodness for a full plate

The beaten path is the safe path

The best physic is fresh air,
The best pills is plain fare

The course of true love
Never did run smooth

The cup that cheers but not inebriates

The day is now here
Tomorrow is nowhere

The de'ils aye kin' tae his ain

The dear little sweet little
Shamrock of Ireland

The early bird catches the worm

The evil that men do lives after them

The Fayrest mayd that did bear life
For love of man became a wife

The flowers that follow the sun
Does so even on cloudy days

The friends thou hast, and their adoption tired,
Grapple them to thy soul with hoops of steel

The greatest troubles of this life
Are those that never happen

The green little shamrock from Armagh

The hen that sits on a China egg
Is better off

The island in summer is slack as can be,
Sometimes itís worse than the far contree,
But once in the season - the strain on poor Ted,
Is terrific! Itís hell! He canít go to bed

The journeyís long from A to Z,
And puzzles many a curly head,
But leads to books Red, Green or Blue,
Which brings the fairy land in view

The kiss of the sun for pardon
The song of the birds for mirth
One is nearer God's heart in a garden
Than anywhere else In Heaven

The lucky have their days and those they choose,
The unlucky have their hours and those they loose

The last in bed puts out the light

The less wit a man has
The less he kens the want o't

The lower the tide
The nearer the Town

The man who "knows it all" is
Standing on a Banana Peel
Placed there by Fool-killer?
Who is waiting just round the corner

The man that cant
make a mistake
Cant make anything

The Midnight Warbler

The mill will never gring with the water that is past

The more I see of some men the more I like my dog

The night is long that never finds a day

"The Old Grandfatherís Clock,
Here my master bids me stand,
To mark the hours with faithful hand,
To do his will is my delight,
To serve him well by day and night,
Master be wise and learn of me,
To serve thy God as I serve thee

The pen is mightier than the sword

The proof oí the puddins in the preein oít

The red kine bathing in the stream,
Just below the clammer,
The music of the bird and bee,
The scythe and blacksmithís hammer,
Dear old Devon

The Ross Riddle
Why did the Horseshoe Bend?
Because he saw John Kyrle

The sweet little Shamrock

The taste of the kitchen
Is better than the smell

The tempest that disturbs the water,
Reveals the rock

The top of the knee is a lofty position
And ought to be viewed at a point of ambition
And whatever the calling of man may be
He should try at attaining the top of the knee

The value of tobacco is best understood,
When it is the last you puff,
And there is no chance of getting more

The weakest go to the wall

The world goeth round
All passeth away
So fret not thy self
For the ills of the day

The world is full of rubs (Shakespeare)

The world has battle - room for all,
Go fight and conquer if you can,
But if you rise, or if you fall,
Be each, pray God, a gentleman

The world is full of willing people
Some willing to work & the rest willing to tell them
The truth that
's told with ill intent
Beats half the lies you can invent

The world laughs with flowers

The world looks brighter
From behind a smile

The worth of a thing
Is best known by the want of it

Them that winna work maun want

Thereís a divinity that shapes our ends,
Rough - hew Them how we will

Thereís a saying old and musty,
Yet it is ever true,
Never trouble trouble,
Till trouble troubles you

There would be no shadow,
If the sun were not shining

There's a dear little plant
That grows in our isle
Fresh & fair as the
Daughters of Erin

Thereís a time for all things

Thereís as guid fish in the sea,
As ever cam oot o'it

Thereís gladness in remembrance

There's life alone in duty done
And rest alone in striving

Thereís mair in the kitchen,
Parritch maks the man

Thereís no fun like work

There's no rose without a thorn
There is no wealth but life

Thereís no time like now

Thereís no wealth but life

There's worse things than porridge

They also serve who only stand and wait

They can who think they can,
Adventures are to the adventurous

They say that drink leads to the Devil,
But a thought has just entered my head,
If a man canít drink when heís living,
How in hell can he drink when heís dead

They speak o' my drinking
But they dinna consider my drouth

They that drink longest
Live longest

They that hide know where to seek

Things come about very strangely

Think of ease but work on

Think of me of't in the hour of leisure
Think of me of't in the hour of pleasure
If 'ere forgot in the hour of care
Forget me not in the hour of prayer

Think not of tomorrowís child of the king,
Leave them in His hand, do the next best thing

Think what is good,
Drink what is pure,
Speak what is true

This is a world to live in,
To buy, spend, or give in,
But to beg, borrow, or get a manís own,
Such a world was never known

This is the cock that crows in the moon

This small jug in friendship take and keep it for the givers sake

This jug was made at Longpark,
In Torquay by the sea,
May health and happiness be theirs,
Whoever drinks from thee

This yarns waur thans lite

This yer jug was made in Tarkay
But yu cant drink out aun

This yer tay is gude

Those who bring sunshine
To the lives of others
Cannot keep it from themselves

Though the mills of God grind slowly
Yet they gring exceeding small
Though with patience He stands awaiting
With exactness He grinds all

Three microbes went sailing out
The stream o'er the meadows that flows
The microbes must work
And women will scream
At the tho't of those terrible foes

Thrift and Wealth are near neighbours

Throw overboard useless regretting
For deeds that you cannot undo
And learn the great art of forgetting
Old things that embitter the new

Thur now, du'ee you'en?
Daunt like craim,
Way, yu niver had noan

Thus pob peth bychan

Time and tide for no man bide

Time and tide wait for no man

Time repairs all things

Time ripens all things

Tis deeds alone must win the prize

Tis a good ossí that donít stumble

Tis said that "manners maketh man"
Then he who well would live his part
Must early labour all he can
In diligence to keep his heart

Tis very refreshin'

To a friends house
The road is never long

To all friends be one

Tobacco you are welcome

Tobacco - Help yourself

Tobacco hie, Tobacco hie, if you are well
Twill may you sick
Tobacco hie, Tobacco hie, Twill make you well
If you are sick

To be or not to be, that is the question (Shakespeare)

To be polite is to do & say
The kindest things in the kindest way

To Day is the Tomorrow
You worried about Yesterday
Yet all is well
Tomorrow is but another Today
With it's measure of joy and of sorrow

To have a friend is to be one

Too many cooks spoil the broth

Too much sit down break trousers

Toom stalls mak'
Biting horses

To say well is good
To do well is better

To teach his grandson draughts,
His leisure heíd employ,
Until at last the old man,
Was beaten by the boy

To thine own self be true

To win a smile from fortune
Wink at trouble

Truth like cork never sinks

Twas one of the ways of good Queen Bess
Who ruled as never Monarch did Sirs
When she was slogged & the country in a mess
She sent for a Devon man Sirs

Two men look through the same bars,
One sees the mud, the other the stars

Tak a cup oí tea its uncoí refreshin
Take a little pepper
Take a wee drappie
Tell no tales out of School
The kiss of the Sun for Pardon
The Song of the birds for Mirth You are nearer Godís heart in a garden
Than anywhere else on Earth.
To drink and not to spill Will try the utmost of your skill
To night my light you borrow
The sun will shine tomorrow
Turn things over till you come to the bright side

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Uneasy lies the head that tells a good many of them

Unless the kettle boiling B Filling the teapots spoils the T

Up to the lips and over the gums,
Look out tummy here it comes

Us be always glad to yer from `ee

Us be always plaised to zee e

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Vessels large may venture more,
Little boats must keep the shore

Vaint Ďeart nives won vair lady
Victory to our arms
Vrum Devon

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Walk lifeís dark path, they seem to say,
With loveís divine fore-knowing,
Thatís where man sees but withered flowers,
God sees the sweet flowers growing

Waste not want not

Water is good outside and in,
To quench the thirst and cleanse the skin

We eat to live
Not live to eat

We may wake with the song of the song birds
Or snore with the note of the owl
But this mug full of tay or ale some would say
Will soothe at the dawn or the end of the day

We must be kind but not in words alone

We must take the current as it serves,
Or loose our venture

We shall never get giddy by doing good turns

Welcome is the best cheer

Weíre not the only pebbles on the beach

Weíel take a cup of kindness For Auld Lang Syne

We thank thee Lord vur this gude bankit,
Which us a had tugether,
An` give us grace tu work apace,
That us may aim another

We therefore have great cause of thankfulness
    1937      VR         1897

What is the difference between:-
1st   A Rich Scotsman,
2nd  A Poor Scotsman,
3rd   A Dead Scotsman,
      ( On reverse )
1st   Has a canopy over his head,
2nd   Has a canopy under his bed,
3rd    Canna P at all

What man has done, Man can do

Whatever you are, be that,
Whatever you say, be true,
Straightforwardly act,
Be honest in fact,
Be nobody else but you

When all goes right and nothing wrong
Oh donít the day seem limp and long

When down in the mouth
Think of Jonah
He came out alright

When friends meet hearts warm

When in the pink, Write with this ink

When the great scorer comes,
To write against your name,
He writes not if you won or lost,
But how you played the game

When the old dog barks
He gives counsel

When this you see remember me
And keep me in your mind
Let all the world say what they will
Speak of me as you find

When trouble comes as come it will
Don't make a welcome guest of it
But kick the varmint down the hill
And try and make the best of it

When work is done, the pipe donít shun

When youíre up to the neck in hot water, think of the Kettle and sing

When your head feels queer,
And your breath smells strong,
And you laugh like hell at any old song,
Youíre drunk old man, youíre drunk

When youíve finished pouring tea,
Place the teapot down on me

When youíve got the Pip
Donít Squeak

When you want to kill time
Work it to death

When God guide his sails and course,
The winds were at command,
And Totnes was the happy shore,
When first he came on land

When the day breaks, make the most of the pieces

When you use this shaving pot Be sure and have the water hot

Where are you going my pretty maid
To lecture at Yale Sir she said
On what do you lecture pray said he
On the extinction of mankind Sir said she

Where friends
There riches

Wilful waste makes woeful want

"Wind and dust"
The devil sends the naughty winds,
To blow the girlís skirts high,
But God is just to send the dust,
To blind the bad manís eye

Wishee well an wishee honest

Wishes never filled the bag

Within this jug there is good liquor,
Fit for parson or for vicar,
But how to drink and not to spill,
Will try the utmost of your skill

Without economy none can be rich

Words are easy like the wind

Whichever way the wind doth blow,
Someone is glad to have it so

Who burnt the table cloth

Wishes never filled the bag

Wishes well and wishes honest

Wishing well water - Labrador Bay

Wishing well water - Upwey Wishing Well

Work on. Hope on.

Self help is noble schooling
You do your best and leave the rest
To God Almighty's ruling

Work while you play,
Play while you play,
That is the way to be cheerful and gay

Worry is like a rocking horse
Keeps on going & gets nowhere

Would you live an angelís days,
Be honest, just, and wise always

Write injuries in dust
Kindness in marble

Waíal us be main glad to zeeíe
We aye prood tae hear frae ye
Weíel take a cup of kindness yet
Whichever way the wind doth blow,
Someone is glad to have it so
Won vair lady

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Y marched ar y droell (translated: The maid at the spinning wheel)

Ychydig yn aml a wna lawer
(A little often will make much or Many a mickle makes a muckle)

Years teach more than books

Yer's some salt for 'ee

Yer's zum Jam vur'ee

Yesterday is dead
Forget it
Tomorrow does not exist
Don't worry
Today is here- Use it

You may get better cheer,
But none with better heart

You'll never miss the water
Till the well runs dry

You wont drink this liquor all,
Without you spill or let some fall

YY UR the 1 for me

Ye canna baith sup and blaw
Ye may gang faur aní fare waur
Your very welcome

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"Zay wells" gude
But du wells a zight better

Zo you Jolly dogs erees God speed the plough Long Life an content to thí Varmer
Zo you Jolly dogs now erees God speed the plough

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Updated 23 January 2011