How to sell your Torquay Pots

The Torquay Pottery Collectors Society has put together this guide for selling either a single pot or a whole collection. The options are not listed in any particular order and it’s up to the individual seller to decide which option is best for them:

Advert in Scandy

Four times a year the Society publishes its magazine, Scandy. A limited amount of advertising space is available in each edition. Members can place one free ¼ page advert per year.  

Society meetings

The Society holds a number of meetings throughout the year in different parts of the country. (See for details).  Where two ‘selling methods’ are available.

a.      Member’s Table

Up to 4 pots can be placed for sale on the Member’s Table. This sales table will be staffed by a member of the Society who will sell the pots on your behalf.  

b.      Sales Table

            If you have more than 4 pots to sell it may be worth having your own sales table. Having a sales table allows an unlimited number of items to be sold.

Grand Auction

Once a year the Society holds a ‘Grand Auction’. This usually takes place in Torquay during September. Members / Non-Members are invited to enter as many items as they wish in this sale. (A fixed price is charged per pot entered into the sale, irrespective of if it sells or not). The auction is designed as the best way for you to sell high value pots (i.e. items over £50).

Local Auction Houses

A list of local auctions houses can be found in Yellow pages.

Online Auction Houses

Web sites such as eBay sell hundreds of pots each week.

NB - The society does not buy collections or offer a valuation service.

A list of charges can be found below.


Advert in Scandy

Members Table

Sales Table

Grand Auction


One free ¼ page advert per membership year.

Then charges as for Non-Member

Selling price

£0-£49.99 - £0.50

£49.99 – £99.99 - £1.00

£100.00 – Upwards £2.00


£5.00 Per Pot


¼ page – £10

½ page – £15

¾ page – £20

1 page -  £25

Sorry not available for non-members


£7.50 Per Pot


Table 1 - Charges for TPCS Sales Services